Jardim Wedding

Nothing is on our couples minds as much as the weather in the lead up to the big day. Whether they’re checking their weather app every few hours, waiting for the forecast to come up on the six o’clock news or praying to the rain gods that everything will be sunshine and blue skies, it’s on everyone’s minds. But I’m writing to show you that rain isn’t always a bad thing. I'm here to tell you that even a thunderstorm can add value to the wedding day of your dreams. Kate and Aidon got to experience this firsthand.

The tenth of December 2021 brought with it a questionable forecast that had us making a last minute call between Plan A and our wet weather option. Forging ahead with plan A, we were able to witness Aidon and Kate begin their new adventure as husband and wife, with the outdoor ceremony of their dreams. As Kate made her way down the aisle in her breathtaking ruffled gown, Aidon wasn’t the only one to wipe tears from his cheeks.

After a touching ceremony, the newlyweds spent their afternoon together – sneaking away for soft, private kisses and giggles in each other’s arms. As the storm clouds rolled in and the sun began setting, Be One Photography captured their joy on camera in the most beautiful low light.

After a touching round of speeches with special odes to Aidon’s late mother Julie, Aidon and Kate began their first dance as husband and wife, continuing to show off their beautiful smiles.

It was such a joy to be able to celebrate such a special day with an amazing couple. Congratulations and the best of wishes to Kate and Aidon!


Planning, Styling & Coordination:  @HunterEventsNSW | Hunter Events NSW

Venue & Catering: @raffertysresort | Raffertys Resort 

Photographer: @be_one_photography | Be One Photography

Celebrant: Greg Peters

Florist: @olivieris_florist | Olivieri's Florist 

Hair: @kate_ayre_hairdressing | Kate Ayre Hairdressing

Stationery:  @paper.and.stuff.australia | Paper and Stuff 

Stationary: @pinkswann | Pink Swann

Cake: @euro_patisserie | Euro Patisserie

Rings: @michaelhillj | Michael Hill 

Bridal Gown: @newcastlebridalhouse | Newcastle Bridal House

Suits: @peterjacksonau | Peter Jackson 

Styling Hire: @cinderinas | Cinderinas 

Styling Hire: @cupidsevents | Cupids Corner Wedding & Event Hire


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