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By Jane Goldfinch

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to sorting through your investment for your wedding flowers. It’s important to know, as a couple, how important fresh flowers are for your wedding day – you may feel flowers aren’t a central focus for your day or you may feel your flowers are ‘the thing’ that will bring your unique day to life. Also, give some consideration to your venue: does it need the additional decor florals provide or is it a beautiful venue in itself and you don’t need to go over the top?

As a good rule of thumb, we suggest your floral investment accounts for 10-15% of your overall wedding spend. If, on the other hand, you are looking for luxury and abundant designs, we would suggest allocating 20-25% of your total wedding allowance. Most of our couples spend between $6,000 -$7,500 but some spend less or allocate more based on their floral vision. Remember, it’s your day and the day should reflect your taste, personalty and style.

Below is by no means a complete list of all our design items. With everything related to seasonal blooms and designing there are so many variables. The following information is to give you some guidance as to what items can be accounted for within a price point.


Depending on the size of your bridal party this price point could allow for your personal flowers (bouquets and boutonnieres) as well as some table decorations at the reception. We suggest smaller arrangements on each table or a selection of bud vases and feature blooms. If table flowers are not what you’re after then this could allow for a feature arrangement at the ceremony or reception. If your party includes just the two of you then it could allow for your bouquet, groom boutonniere, a ceremony feature arrangement with the addition of tea lights for the reception tables. This is perfect for our eloping couples FROM $2,500


This price point would typically allow for personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, corsages) for the bridal party, feature arrangements at both the ceremony and reception as well as small table arrangements or bud vases and candles. With one arrangement at either the ceremony or reception this investment would cover our larger standard table arrangements. FROM $6,000


This price point gives you the option of our full-service wedding and usually includes all personal flowers - 1 x bridal bouquet, 4 x bridesmaid bouquets, 5 boutonnieres, 2 x Fathers boutonniere, 2 x Mothers pin lapel, 1 x flower crown, 2 x pew ends including fabric draping, 1 x welcome sign spray, medium arbour arrangement, 1 x ceremony arrangement, petal toss, 1 x cake spray, 1 x seating chart spray, as well as flowers and candles for 10 guest tables. Also includes on the day and pack down charges. This is our most popular choice for our couples.FROM $7,500


Our FULL SERVICE DESIGN PLUS A LITTLE MORE - this investment will afford you a floral filled wedding and our signature styling and may include examples of the following - 1 x bridal bouquet, 4 x bridesmaid bouquets, 5 boutonnieres, 2 x Fathers boutonniere, 2 x Mothers pin lapel, 1 x flower crown, 2 x pew ends including fabric draping, 1 x welcome sign ground statement arrangement, lush arbour arrangement, 2 x ground aisle arrangements, 1 x ceremony arrangement, petal toss, 1 x signing arrangement, 1 x bar arrangement, 1 x cake spray, 1 x seating chart spray, as well as flowers and candles for 10 guest tables. Also includes on the day and pack down charges.

FROM $9,500


Couture Botanical can provide you with a complete floral styling service for your wedding. We will work with you as a couple to design a unique and stunning floral filled event tailored to suit your personality and vision. From our initial styling session to adding the last little bloom we will cover all aspects of your floral styling. The ‘Complete Styling’ package suits those couples who after the ultimate flower filled ceremony and reception and are happy for us to take the reins. All we need is your colour palette. The package comes with a flat fee and includes our signature elegant floral designs and a comprehensive styling session with our couples. We will also co-ordinate with your venue and other wedding vendors to ensure a cohesive vision.

With this price point we can offer you a full collection of personal flowers, rose petals, welcome sign pieces, large statement arrangements for both the ceremony and reception plus aisle flowers. For the reception it allows for table arrangements including candles as well as chair arrangements, cake flowers and seating sign pieces. FROM $15,000

PLEASE NOTE: The price points above will include all blooms, foliage, vessels and trims to create your floral pieces.

It’s almost impossible to provide all the details on each and every investment because every couple’s wedding is unique. The above looks to provide some guidance on what items can be accounted for within a price frame.

Also, prices will vary quite a bit depending on the number of flowers used and how many premium blooms are to be included. Peonies, orchids etc. are more premium flowers and the overall price needs to account for this.

It’s also important to be aware labour charges can vary dramatically as well – each venue has it’s own rules on when we can set up and when we need to pack down. All of this has an impact on costs for the day. Labour charges also change depending on the time of day we need to set-up / pack down as well as the day of the week (Saturdays and Sunday incur premium labour charges and early morning set-ups and late night pack-downs also incur premium labour charges).

Finally, remember every florist prices their services and creativity differently and it might be that florists in your area charge more or less than we do. Our overall aim is to provide you with the best quality blooms, excellent customer service and provide honest opinions as to where the best use of your investment will be.

Until Next Time

Jane - Couture Botanical xx

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