The Floral Edit

29 Days until Spring… What flowers are you excited to see in this season of weddings?

Spring is obviously the most fabulous season of them all – the bees are buzzing; the weather is warming, and the smell of manicured grass is in the air; a product of competitive neighbourhood lawn care.

Nonetheless, it is too the season for the most beautiful blooms! Throughout the cold winter months flowers are conserving their energy, preparing for the exact right moment to begin blooming, burgeoning the shrub which they’ve nestled comfortably in for so long. Confident colours, bright yellow, pink and blue charge gardens with a new lease of life, and as a result we see the most fantastic wedding bouquets of the season!

SO. Here are our Spring 23’ predictions for this wedding seasons bouquets!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

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En Masse Flowers & En Massive Savings

We saw it creeping into the earlier months of this year but are hoping to see a lot more of bouquets ‘En Masse’ – which is where each bridesmaid has a bunch of specific flowers – one has a bunch of daisies, one has a bunch of roses, one a bunch of dahlias etc etc AND THEN the bride has a bouquet of all the bridesmaid bunches combined!

We love this idea and think it can be so unique for each bridesmaid… ps. Our wedding planners have told us that this is also a much cheaper way to do wedding bouquets! What a bonus to this beautiful idea!

The Extra-large Bouquet?

This could be interesting? Scale is always something to think about in art and if you’re after an absolute Picasso of a wedding (like we are) then, this is something to consider. We’ve seen it in photoshoots, but has any bride ever let the florals take centre stage? It’d take a real humble gal to do so, but we think there’s one out there… Imaging a huge bunch of cascading orchids, flowing with each step the bride takes down the aisle! Can someone please use this idea because we’d DIE to see it?

Images Courtesy of Pinterest

Images Courtesy of Pinterest

Make It Different, Make It Unusual, But Keep It Simple…

These blooms are to dieeee for. There’s not much to say other than keep it simple but classy – experiment but not too much. Reign it in but be expressive. You must be a walking paradox basically…


We've said it once and we'll say it again... You can't go wrong when adding a pop of colour to your big day... The proof is in tha puddin' (meaning refer to the images we've sourced)...

Images Courtesy of Pinterest

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

And Last But Not Least... The OG Peony Bouquet

For the old school romantics this one’s for you – consider a bunch of peonies or two?

These pretty little blooms come in over 6,500 varieties and are the perfect touch of romance and ethereal vibes. Not only do they smell incredible, peonies are also little troopers and can last a while if you pop them into a vase after your wedding - which is a nice keepsake for your post-wedding week!

Further, peonies are a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage – so if you want to secure your marriage with a bit of witchcraft, peonies are the way to go. Here’s our pick of trending peony bouquets for this spring!

With those predictions out of the way we can now get back to yearning for that warmer weather, and begin to look for the noble winner of the nicest lawn on the block… Can’t wait to see your spin on the Spring 23’ bouquets!