1813 Wines

Hunter Valley Estate Grown Single Vineyard

Rum was the sole form of Australian currency in 1813 when Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of New South Wales, imported forty thousand Spanish dollars and ordered that a hole should be punched in each. By recycling and re-stamping the silver, Macquarie created Australia’s first legal tender and averted a financial crisis. Our label depicts the two coins minted from one: the fifteen-pence “dump,” or centre piece, imposed over the “holey dollar,” a symbol of Australian ingenuity.

Tinonee Vineyard Estate is a boutique working vineyard with 16 acres of various grape varieties: Verdelho, Muscat, Chambourcin, Shiraz and Fiano. The changing landscape of the vineyard is captivating as the vines continue to take on an annual varied visual appearance. The first bud break in spring is followed by the large, lush green leaves protecting the grapes in Summer when these grapes are beginning to change colour and ripen, ready for harvest.


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