There’s nothing cuter than watching your three-year old niece clumsily spread petals down the aisle or catching cute moments of the toddlers jamming out at your afterparty. Inviting children to your wedding offers lots of opportunities for adorable pictures and special moments with the little ones in your lives.

But let’s be honest, weddings can be long - especially for kids with short attention spans and inviting children to your wedding can become exhausting. On your special day, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping the little ones occupied while you share the special moments with your significant other. You invited your adult guests to your wedding because you appreciate their presence in your life and want to celebrate your special day. Keeping the kids entertained will allow your adult guests to fully enjoy their night without having to tent to the needs of their kids all evening.

Having children in your wedding can be so special, but it’s important to be prepared for the day to go as smoothly as possible!

Planning Ahead

When it comes to inviting children to your wedding, organising entertainment for the reception eases the transition for over-excited, enthusiastic kids with energy to burn!

If you have decided to organise entertainment yourself, you should plan a variety of activities that cater to a range of ages, guaranteed to occupy the group throughout the night. While parents may bring their own activities, preparing ahead ensures you can enjoy the night with the adults whilst the younger crowd are distracted and entertained.

What can you include?

Plan a range of kid-friendly reception games ahead of time. If you have access to an outdoor or large area, think about incorporating outdoor energy-burning games!

Prepare activity packs to hand out. You can include colouring pages, activity sheets, stickers and a set of pencils to keep the kids distracted and quiet during the speeches.

Youngsters have a never-ending store of energy, so use their bounce to your advantage and boogie on the dance floor! Encourage the kids to join you in the ‘YMCA’, ‘Nut Bush’ and chicken dance. You can even plan popular dancing games ahead of time, such as dance freeze and limbo. Who knows, the older guests might even join in the fun!

While you may want to take on everything yourself, we all know that planning a wedding is exhausting, so why add another job to your list? Kid’s entertainment packages are a huge hit at weddings and ensure you can relax and enjoy your special day, knowing all your guests will enjoy the celebrations.

 Why book a kid’s entertainment team?

The Dream & Believe Entertainment team are comprised of experienced, skilled performers ready to ensure your guests enjoy every moment. We take care of the planning and the preparation, taking the stress out of inviting children to your wedding. At Dream & Believe Entertainment, we work toward exceeding expectations so the entertainment will be suited to your age range, group size and the children’s interests. Let our team enchant and occupy the little ones so your adults are free to enjoy the party!

Our Happily Ever After Reception package is completely customizable, with a selection of themed crafts, makeovers, balloon twisting, kid’s karaoke, hair designs, various games, confectionery crafts, colouring packs, movie projector set-ups, and of course, our nap tent for when the little ones get sleepy!

Tips and Tricks

  1. While face painting is always a hit with the kids, be cautious of hiring a face painter for your wedding. White dresses and formal attire tend not to mix well with colourful faces and potential paint on hands, so tread carefully! Balloon twisting and royal makeovers in our wedding package make great alternatives for enjoyable entertainment without the stress of a mess!
  2. Plan your time effectively - Remember that the sugar will eventually wear off, and you will want to plan a relaxing activity to ease the energy. At Dream & Believe Entertainment, we offer movie set-ups with our portable projector, a nap tent for the little ones and calming crafts to allow the kids to slow down without interrupting the midnight festivities for the older guests!
  3. Adults will often want to be part of the fun and they too can partake in the entertainment! Most packages will allow, if not encourage, adults to join in on games and dancing. Ask your entertainment team if activities and crafts extend to adults, most partygoers appreciate a decorative flower hat or a sword to battle the kids!

At Dream and Believe Entertainment, we ensure every guest looks back upon your special day with magical memories. We prove that with a sprinkle of fairy dust, a wish upon a star and a call to us, dreams really do come true! We look forward to creating your magical moment

Monique O'Brien |
Dream & Believe Entertainment

Dream & Believe Entertainment is a children’s entertainment company dedicated to providing quality characters for a range of events. With our extensive range of party packages, including princesses, mermaids, fairies, superheroes, pampering, face painting, balloon twisting, sparkles and more, we know that we can find the perfect package for you! We believe in the importance of dreaming big, believing in the impossible and spreading magic throughout the world. At Dream and Believe Entertainment, we prove that with a sprinkle of fairy dust, a wish upon a star and a call to us, dreams really do come true! 

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