An Events Verbal Presentation..

by Louise Manning

3rd November 2018

The verbal presentation of your event or wedding can be just as important as the presentation of your styling, theming attire, food etc... if the verbal presentation is sloppy or boring and not engaging then your audience simply won’t engage in the formalities that are taking place. You’ll find they’ll be wrapped up in their own conversations rather than paying any attention. In order to have the best verbal presentation of your evening we recommend having a professional emcee that can’t add personality, fun, engaging content and make it a great night and one your guests will remember. Having a family member whilst they may be terrific you also hold the risk of them drinking and potentially ruining the evening by saying inappropriate content or bringing up unnecessary past experiences. Also carefully choose who you want to speak for your speeches getting extend family members sometimes results in talk way off track from the couple at hand. Try to limit the numbers speeches more than 6 speakers can become boring for guests or consider breaking speeches up into two sections over the course of your formalities. We are proud to offer an extensive MC service to our valued clients that we have worked with and gotten to know well through our planning journey to ensure the verbal presentation is the best it can be. We strive to always engage and captivate our audiences with an emphasis of the couples personality and creating a fun and uplifting vibe.