There are NO rules in weddings!

by Louise Manning

21st October 2018

Often my clients ask for advise and of course I’m always here to provide my advise and my opinions but I always tell my clients when there unsure about a decision that may not be a common choice. That there are simply no rules in weddings. For Example a groom to be and his mother recently asked my opinion of whether having his father as a groomsmen was ok? Whitest is not a common first choice as most would normally select mates or brothers I reassured my client that there are “no rules in weddings” and if you wanted to choose your dad and/or you don’t have brother or brother in law to be then why not! Or maybe you do have many other options but it’s dad that you value most! You know what It’s your wedding and it should be everything absolutely everything you as a couple want. whether that be you wear your sneakers and get an amazing cliff shot or you have 15 bridesmaids and groomsmen it is completely and utterly your day your wedding these changes generally bring out the best in couples and making your wedding super unique and personalised for any number of reasons and will have people raving about your wedding for years to come. So don’t be afraid ever, please I encourage all my clients to bring out the best in your wedding by adding your personality in unique choices in anyway shape or form. creating visions and bringing unique ideas to life is my passion.