$5,500 saving just on the venue.

by Louise Manning

5th October 2018

Current wedding clients of mine engaged my services to plan, design, style and MC their wedding whilst we are still at Stage 1 of planning them a perfect wedding just on the reception alone I saved them an excessive $5,500 by simply looking at the venues packages, options and choosing the best value for their wedding along with negotiating in a passionate and professional way. Often clients don’t have the industry knowledge to ask certain questions and don’t have the negotiation power to obtain any discounted or reduced costs. I am hugely passionate about finding any and every way to create savings for all components of all events. Here’s what they had to say...

"Hunter Events NSW  has made the start of our wedding planning an easy process. Louise is easy to communicate with and sets my mind at easy when i become overwhelmed. Louise made us feel comfortable like we were talking to a friend and reassured us that she meant business when dealing with the venue. Louise got us an excellent deal and strategically saved us a huge $5,500, on the venue and accommodation alone. She offered suggestions to get the best deal the venue was offering plus negotiated further to obtain free venue hire and discounted accommodation. Directly dealing with the venue we would not have obtained these offers or had the negotiation power Louise has. This saving has made a significant impact on our budget and we can now afford a lot more in other areas of our wedding. So far we rate Louise’s service 10/10." - Tim & Bronwyn

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