10 Creative Ideas for a DIY Wedding

Guest Author

Bronte Price & Shantanu

5th September 2019

Introducing out first Guest Blog By Bronte Price:

Weddings are such beautiful and memorable celebrations; they are gorgeous in multiple ways. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s the day when two adults who have been through a lot together, decide to officiate their relationship in front of others. This celebration of love calls for a lot of extravaganzas, be it in terms of emotions, food, flowers or even the dressing. Couples try their best to include all the best elements in this big day of their own.

Every wedding is different from the other; the reason is the story of the couple involved in it. Some weddings could be traditional, some same-sex, some budget-friendly, while some others are very flashy. This also depends on the preferences and budget of the couple. All this while, the couple also tries their best to plan their wedding in such a way that it goes with their personalities. No couple wants their wedding to be exactly like someone else’s. This is why personalizing weddings is crucial in today’s date.

However, personalizing comes at a cost. One can either choose to spend a good amount of money and outsource the work or do the job themselves and save money. Not many millennial couples have the budget or the willingness to spend a lot of money on customizing it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to sacrifice on this aspect. On could always choose to do DIY customizations to add their personal touch without burning a hole in their pockets. Thanks to online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, it isn’t tough to get wedding inspirations in a jiffy anymore.

Here are 10 creative ideas for a DIY wedding:
1.      Including A Lot Of Green And Floral Into Your Summer Wedding:

One could include a green wreath and flower centrepieces in their wedding décor. The handmade bouquets will give a very rustic and raw look to the whole setting. This works best for couples who are looking at having foliage and flowers, without spending too much on that specific element. All you would need is some wire that your shape according to your preference and then go ahead and cover it with the foliage of your choice. You can also include little flowers to add colour to it.

2.      Fun With The Not-So-Expensive Balloons:

Balloons are the quintessential element for all celebrations, aren’t they? This is probably because they are so effortless and cheap. Interesting it adds colour and also takes up a lot of void in the room. However, did it occur to you that it’s possible to do much more with balloons? They can become fun and quirky when added with a few altercations. Adding trailing garlands to oversized balloons. You can also choose to add tassels to the balloon or for that matter colourful ribbons too.

3.      Funky Napkins:

Napkins are a small yet essential part of all weddings. They don’t have to be boring and bland in nude colours. You can choose to dye them with the colour of your choice. This could be something that goes with your wedding theme. This will add a pop of colour to your table setting. All you have to do is order white napkins in bulk; they come really cheap. And then you can dip-dye as per your preferences. They don’t have to be all identical.

4.      Place Cards:

You can choose to make funky place cards using natural leaves, fathers or just a piece of starched cloth. For example, Mongolia leaves make for an excellent base for a place card. They give the perfect earthy touch and have curved shape making it easier to write.

5.      A Mirror Or A Painting Signage:

The last wedding, I had attended had a beautifully decorated tropical signage made on a piece of mirror. It loved really beautiful and was sourced from a second-hand store. It’s wonderful how much you can experiment. You can also encourage your family members to leave their coloured handprints on your signage to make it colourful. Be careful to not make it messy though.

6.      A Wooden Framed Seating Chart:

The seating chart has to be large and readable because people are actually going to make use of it. You can make use of pieces of sturdy twigs or wood and a surface, to make funky signage of your own. You can also make use of two copper pipes and a sheet of paper to make signage. For making them stand, you can use buckets of gravel or a bucket full of sand and seashells.

7.      Lacey And Fabric-Based Table Runners:

Table runners can make or break the setting: well, mostly because they take up so much eye space at any wedding. You don’t have to play safe, experiment with handprints to add contrast to your table runners. You can also choose to add lace details to add a more elegant touch to your setting.

8.      Ribbon And Stationary Details:

There’s something about ribbons and laces that make everything look better. Be it your wedding dress or your table runners. You can also choose to add life to the dullest of elements in a wedding and add a smooth ribbon to it. You can add these to your ceremony programs, to your invites an also your menus. Keep the colour tone in mind and also learn how to make the perfect loose knot.

9.      Make A Flower Bouquet That Stays Forever:

The flower bouquet holds a lot of value on every bride's wedding day. It has to be beautiful but not necessarily natural. You can choose to make them out of paper and use a few dry twigs and foliage to complete the whole look. This will look fresher and different.

10.  Make Candle Holders Out Of Toilet Rolls Or Old Cans:

Candles add an element of mystery to any wedding while also making it calmer. Make use of old glass jars that can be procured online or from thrift stores. The possibilities are endless. One can choose to use sand or grain to add at the base of the glass.

Author Bio: Shantanu works as inbound content marketer at GayCelebrant.Melbourne & has helped develop it to cater to the LGBTIQ Wedding industry since 2018. He has closely worked with Bronte Price to learn the traits of the Australian wedding industry and loves to share his acute observations through blogging, weaving them into a brand story. He also loves to cook, trek, travel, dance and claims to have found his "why" in helping small business owners bloom into established brands.