Top 5 wedding Trends of 2019

Trend 5 – Food service at weddings

by Louise Manning

24th July 2019

Following on from our last blog we are also noticing a huge shift with the catering for each weeding, previously almost each and every wedding would consist of 2-3 course meal with canapes on arrival, now our guest are constantly seeking a casual relaxed and interactive vibe for their food services, we find our couple are seeking food service like shared platters, grazing stations for both starters and mains, complete canape service starting with canapes then progressing to substantial canapes and then sweet canapes, the likes of pizza and even burgers are super popular and why not, if your personality suits a relaxed style reception then don’t feel uncomfortable with a 3-5 course formal affair, often the more interactive your food service is creates an all-round better event for you and you’re your guests to mingle with everyone not the 10 or so at their table. Select the food service that suits you and your crowd. Generally, these type of interactive food services are often way cheaper than the formal affair sit done alternative drop food service. Just also make sure you have enough food for everyone and allow a children’s meal for the little ones too. At so many wedding the wedding cake doesn’t even get eaten let or loan supplied desserts, if you have a more relaxed event defiantly consider serving the cake on platters for dessert and don’t waste you hard earned dollars on desserts (unless you have a sweet tooth of course). But why waste a perfectly good cake? On more formal event have it plated with cream and coli, whichever way you decide to cater your wedding just make it about you and your personality and what you prefer.