Top 5 wedding Trends of 2019

Trend 4 – Minimalistic Weddings

by Louise Manning

20th July 2019

Oh don’t we love minimalistic weddings an active trend many of our couples are envisioning for us to bring to life. Simple and minimalistic weddings for many reasons are becoming more popular firstly costs, the less you have in the way of styling the less your wedding will cost, secondly sometimes the saying goes less is more is absolutely correct. Depending on your vison and style rather then spending thousands and thousands on endless flowers and vases, candles, votives, stationery and favours consider a simple single small vase with small posy of flowers or a simple greenery runner the likes of gum tree leaved branches are becoming more popular, or a mason jar filled with battery operated copper line of fairy lights. Rather than having detailed and crafty invites consider simple card with simple font and simple envelope again saving costs, for your ceremony consider a simple corner of florals, or native branches, drop the aisle stying for natural confetti or rose petals to create your runway, so simple yet so beautiful. The beauty of minimalistic can also mean complete simplicity and clean look, avoid your styling overpowering each element and focus on the main feature, avoid the busy look and create a clean and inviting look. Need some help and guidance with your minimalistic wedding theme get in touch and we will guide you to complete styling success your guest will be gushing at for all the right reasons.