Top 5 wedding Trends of 2019

Trend 3 – Eco Friendly Weddings

by Louise Manning

22nd June 2019

Absolutely loving the eco-friendly trends and what a great way to look after our environment. A few ideas we are seeing come to life more and more often are succulents/plants for keepsakes/favours, recycled paper invitations, all reusable table wear, handmade items, seasonal and local flowers, reduced amount of stationary (e.g. no save the dates etc…)  and naturally made confetti (pictured).

Why is this trend exploding? Because more and more couples are ecologically aware, we care about our environment and what impact our wedding or event may have on the environment and why not showcase this to your guests so they can follow suit. Also, venues often have many event terms and conditions that must be followed, e.g. no confetti or only natural confetti and no releasing of balloons, what goes up must come down and generally ends up in water ways affecting our sea and wildlife. When planning your wedding or next event spare a thought for the environment and discover the many ways you can decorate or style in an eco-friendly manner, like the confetti pictured such and easy DIY project too. Simply collect fallen leaves use different shaped hole punchers to create a flawless confetti show on your wedding day.  A lot of eco-friendly ideas are all DIY and this seconds as a brilliant way to save expenses on your wedding day also.