Top 5 wedding Trends of 2019

Trend 1 – Entertainment

by Louise Manning

24th May 2019

This year we are finding a lot of clients are mostly interested in great entertainment for their guest whether this be delivered in the form of music eg a band, or quality DJ, or the likes of ever so popular lawn games, adults and children activities, like jumping castles, bucking bull, photo booths etc.., they are opting out of structured and formal run sheets and going for a more relaxed interactive style evening of  entertainment.  More often then not our clients are reducing formalities and the time allocated to allow more dancing and entertainment hours. Our clients are adding more entertaining  formalities like choregraphed dances, wedding games like "shoe game" that if done right can leave your guest with a something different and lasting impression of your wedding but when considering the endless different entertainment options for your wedding this should always reflect you and your partners personalities, what suits you both as a couple but also spare a through for your guests and consider what crowd you are trying to entertain are they a young crowd or older crowd, how many kids under 12 are attending? What will your guest find funny or offensive, entertaining or boring once you work out the group your entertaining as long as it aligns with your personalities, style and theme you'll be set for an amazing night wither way,  just remember to always add the experience of non-digital entertainment.  Stay tuned for our next top wedding trends of 2019