Garden Theme 

by Louise Manning

19th March 2019

A wedding or event that takes place in a garden or outdoors is generally a relaxed affair, however, they can range from requiring a smart-casual to a formal dress code.

Some couples choose to continue the celebrations outdoors and create a festival-inspired setting with the inclusion of food trucks and outdoor games, whereas other couples may choose to move the wedding to an indoor reception for a formal sit-down dinner and evening of formalities.

Whilst garden weddings and events can be ever so beautiful there is also a real risk with weather, you MUST always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Always ensure you have a suitable back up for poor weather.

You may have the perfect vision in mind of a perfect day but always be comfortable that their is every possibility that your wet weather option may very well be your actual event. If your not completely comfortable with your indoors option consider hiring a marquee to protect your guests from all weather possibilities. Also spear a though for heat in the summer months and plan accordingly.

Gardens events and weddings are generally styled with an abundance of greenery and often highlight a punch of colour throughout the flowers but often clients also opt of the white and ivory flowers with greenery styling, regardless of how you style a garden event you are almost always guaranteed a beautiful event no matter what as your amongst a beautiful setting and backdrop.  

Photos speak a thousand words ask for our styling guide for inspiration and many garden theme ideas.