Industrial Theme 

by Louise Manning

13th March 2019

Industrial weddings are weddings that incorporate an industrial aesthetic. This is usually achieved through the choice of venue and the way it is styled. Industrial characteristics include raw textures and materials such as polished concrete, aged timber and exposed brick. A beautifully created master piece can be easily created with a industrial back drop through in a punch of green and wow amazing from top to toe. 

Industrial weddings can be both sit-down and stand-up cocktail affairs, depending on the venue and the couple‚Äôs preference. An industrial wedding may be traditional in nature in terms of formalities and the bridal party, but is set in a non-traditional context. with endless options to explore and many industrial venues to consider do shy away from an industrial theme it can be pleasantly surprising.  

Photos speak a thousand words ask for our styling guide for inspiration and many industrial ideas...