Planning Success 

by Louise Manning

17th February 2019

Many many times our clients ask how do you possibly remember and handle absolutely everything and create successful events so here’s a little secret. Whether we are planning a sweet 16th for 50 guests, a wedding for 100 guests, a 500 guests corporate event or even a 20,000 people public event we follow check lists for each and every part of the event planning process these checklist are crucial in ensuring no part of planning is missed. Plus their our saving grace we’d be completely lost without them. Our extensive checklists make sure every aspect of your event is covered without getting to the day and realising an important part hasn’t been covered or no one was appointed to handle a certain aspect on the day. For example I was a guest at a wedding once and discovered no one was controlling the ceremony music it hadn’t be thought about and certainly hadn’t been organised, this left guests and the priest in a flurry about who or what was organising and handling this aspect. Our checklists are extremely comprehensive so no part, no task no important component is missing through each and every one of our 4 stages of event planning. With a backend check list for each and every planning stage plus a further complete event checklist shared with our clients you can rest at ease knowing your event day will come together smoothly with out mishaps, confusion, missed components & poor planning. We also ensure absolutely each and every boxed is ticked and actually completed no point creating and using check lists if the individual tasks are not being completed.  So if your set off to create a big and beautiful event yourself or even a small intimate luncheon create a check list for each stage of your planning process and I can assure you that you’ll thank me later and you'll find your way to complete event success. All sounds like too much to worry about then send us an email or message we’d love to help you create absolute event planning success completely stress free.