Can I Afford a Wedding or Event Planner?

Louise Manning 

17th September 2018

REAL STORY some ten years ago my husband suggested as we began planning our wedding that I should hire a wedding planner and I promptly said no we don’t need one nor can we afford it, to be honest I had no idea what a Wedding Planner even did. Truth is I couldn’t afford not to hire a planner the extensive amount of money and time I could of saved I will never forgive myself for. We were a busy young couple, building our home and running a business we selected the very first supplier in every aspect and had no time to shop around and compare, but even if we did we wouldn’t have had any ability to negotiate. Its amazing what extensive study in this industry has taught me and what I’d love to teach you all, there are hundreds of benefits to engage the services of a wedding planner saving Time & Money are just a start. I’m crazy passionate about sticking to budgets, creating amazing events and bringing vision to life.