My Three Key's to an Entertaining Event 

by Louise Manning

10th February 2019

Whether your planning a Wedding, Private Function, public event or corporate event there are three major keys to create the right vibe right and feel for an entertaining day or night for your event. Often my clients tell me they just want a great party awesome night and every one having have great time and dancing the night away so here’s my advise.

The first key is music whether you have contracted a DJ or a band a quality DJ or band should work the crowd and accommodate music to your crowds interests no point performing or playing all night for an empty dance floor, if a style of music is not sparking interest that should be charged immediately. the right entertainers will work your crown and engage their interest in dancing the night through. 

The second key is your master of ceremony (MC) they play a huge huge role in ensuring your guests are engaged in the formalities, that they are interested in the evening events. The verbal presentation of your reception is equally as important as your ceremony when thinking about weddings. Don’t make the mistake so many do and have an inexperienced family member or friend MC your evening. If there experienced then awesome go with that if there not you should carefully consider the impact this may have on the verbal presentation of your evening. For example will that say something your not completely comfortable with or very out of line? Will they address your guests with respect and diligence? Will they be engaging? Will they work your crowd? Will they verbally present your event the way you want and lastly will they even enjoy the night their a guest after all. The role of an MC is a night long commitment not a few words here and there. So choose your MC wisely a great MC will bring a professional edge, add personal touches, engage your audience and work your crown the night through.

Lastly and my final and quite possibly the most important key is YOU!!! What are YOU doing all night whether your the boss, CFO, or management of a corporate event, or the newly weds, or even a band performing on a huge stage in front of hundreds and thousands of patrons, your guests will follow your actions and guidance. If your dancing the night away so will they, if your sitting all night too afraid of an empty dance floor so will they, or if a band wasn’t dancing wasn’t engaging then your guests WILL replicate your actions if your parting they WILL too. So a lot rests on your actions and your direct ability to fill a dance floor is extremely powerful don’t regret your actions, don’t complain of sore feet remove those heels and just party! With the addition of the above two keys I can assure you that your night will be an epic success that your guests are talking about for years to come.