Catering Decisions? 

by Louise Manning

3rd February 2019

With so many modern day catering styles the endless choices can me be even more challenging to make however let me simplify this for you.

Your catering should completely reflect your absolute personality. No point having a five course formal affair with perfectly paired wines if your personality and style would far better suit relaxed shared platters or buffet or maybe even a food truck. Further your complete event and the type of guests on your guests list should help you in making your decision E.g. will you & your guest much prefer a beer and a burger or 3 course alternate drop service. Will you start the night with a glass of champagne and delicately presented canapés or a grazing table? Most venues offer multiple menus to accommodate all budgets, event styles & personalities. The best factor in making a decision on your style of catering is the feel and vibe you want for your event, are you seeking a relaxed, chilled, low key event with no seated tables venue styled with relaxing lounges and high top tables and stools? Then I’d suggested menus like grazing station, full canapé service or food truck service. Having seated tables but not wanting an overly formal vibe then shared platters & buffet service with generally cake for dessert would suit you. Or maybe you like the finer and more formal luxuries of life and a 3-5 course alternate drop meal is just want you what and know suits you, your personality and vision best.

However one things for certain you should always book and ensure you taste your menu regardless off your menu and service choice, picking a menu without knowing how it presented what it’s plated or served with can make all the difference to what you do or don’t expect on the night. Your caterer may have used an ingredient your not enjoying during your tasting and you might like to make specific changes to a certain dishes look and taste. Maybe you’d prefer a mash over roasted potatoes or broccoli over green beans. There are so many choices with endless possibilities and any quality Caterer should happily make menu modifications within reason to a certain dish or service to perfectly satisfy your wishes. If your catering supplier gives you limited choices to taste then make a wise decision to taste dishes that will be served to the majority not minority’s no point tasting a vegan dish if only 1 of your 100 guests are vegan you should get a idea from the other items you’ve tasted to know roughly what your vegan dish might be like. If menu is most important to you I’d highly recommend you taste your menu prior to booking any catering company or venue, always check and question volume you do not what your guest going home hungry with any type and style of catering.