Wedding Florals 

by Louise Manning

27th January 2019

Ever seen a wedding bouquet and though wow I love how that’s shaped, presented and bunched. Well let me tell you I’m no florist or flower expect but I know enough to share a little knowledge. They are many many types and styles of wedding bouquets from Hand tied bouquets to pageant bouquets and everything in between. Picking and having your florist design the best style to suit your body shape is highly important to obtain the perfect overall look on your special day. Here's a little more light on some of the most popular bridal bouquets.

The absolute most popular is the Nosegay, more commonly named the Posy. These are round clusters of flowers and a very trendy style of bridal bouquet. This style of bouquet dates back to the 14th century where they were used to mask unpleasant odours hence the name ‘nosegay’. Nosegay’s can vary in sophistication and therefore a great choice for any wedding.

A hand tied bouquet, also known as a posy, is one of the simplest styles of bridal bouquet. As the name suggests, it is a bunch of flowers with stems grouped together in an unstructured way and tied; usually with a ribbon. Minimalist hand tied bouquets are popular, with many brides choosing to carry just three or four of the same long-stemmed flowers.

The cascade or shower bouquet is a very traditional and stylish form of bouquet. The flowers are arranged to look as if they are flowing over the bride’s hands and down towards her feet.  This style of bouquet can be extremely large, but the smaller modern versions are often known as teardrop or trail bouquets.

Think of the gorgeous flowers draped along the forearm of Miss World and you’ll know this style!  The pageant bouquet, or ‘arm sheaf’ is very different to the classic round posy, it is an elegant longer line bouquet where the flower stems are kept at a long length and tied loosely around the blooms. Designed to rest along the bride’s arm with the flower heads resting just above her elbows, the pageant bouquet can be made formal or informal depending on your style.

Simple single-flowers bunched into a wedding bouquet in a round or dome shape complements most wedding gowns. Generally hardier flowers like roses, which are easier to arrange and can endure a little manhandling.

An unusual choice for a bridal bouquet, the pomander is a sphere or ball of flowers carried by a loop of ribbon. Although the pomander, also known as a kissing ball, can look very romantic and youthful for a bride, it is more often used for bridesmaids or flower girls.

The Victorian posy is a traditional hand-tied or wired bunch where the flowers are placed in ascending rings around a central bloom, usually a rose. This design was very popular for weddings back in the mid 19th century, but lost favour to the cascading shower bouquet in the late 20th century.

Single stem bouquets, much like the single tier wedding cake, create a look that is both effortless and edgy. More than that, they allow us to see the beauty in the detail of your chosen flower, and they really let your wedding dress shine!

Basket Flowers are perfect for a sweet little Flower girl or perfect to hold rose petals ready for confetti throwing. With so many options and styles you really can tie this in with any theme. Add a little sign for an extra touch.

Complete the men’s and boys looks with a small or large boutonniere to complement the girl’s bouquets, theme it to match and use identical flowers and greenery.

Perfect for the Mum’s and grandma’s, a sweet and beautiful corsage whether big or small will also make them fell part of the bridal party or simply special involved and though of.  Order them to suit your complete wedding flowers and theme.

With so many choices decisions can be more challenging generally as soon as you see our graphic loaded floral guide you’ll get a feel for what you love and what might suit your style and vision best.