Summer Events

by Louise Manning

19th January 2019

With temperatures soaring well into the 40's please always consider the comfort of your guests, if your having an outdoor ceremony or an outdoor wedding or event there is lots to consider. Ensure you have a hydration station filled with replenishing beverages, wet, cold and/or frozen towelettes,  offer plenty of water, with loads of ice to keep it cool, electric fans are a must and add a mister to really cool down your guests, find shady locations if your venue has or allows, or start your event much later in the day but always protect your guests, have sunscreen available, offer umbrellas and hand held fans if there is no shade or cover available. At all costs you must avoid any of your guest getting dehydrated, sunburn or heat stroke. Be extra mindful of children and babies as well as the elderly they are less likely to be tolerable to the heat.

If your location is near a dam or a lake or creek, consider an mosquito and fly replant station as well. Spend a little on the added comfort of your guest and it truly will go along way and allow everyone to actually enjoy your day and not be hot, bothered and anxious towards the outdoor event longing for it to wrap up as they eagerly await the comfort of air conditioning. Think about how you can be best comfortable for your event and at your venue and replicate this for your guests.