5 Reasons to Choose the Hunter Valley for Your Destination Wedding

by Louise Manning

Parts 1 - 5

15th December 2018 - 13th January 2019

Well where do I start there are hundreds of reasons to choose the Stunning Hunter Valley as your wedding destination in fact there is something magical about a Hunter Valley wedding with a timeless backdrop where elegance and class meets breathing taking country and vineyard landscapes. Having the majestic Hunter Valley as part of our service area is one of the main reasons I established my business, visiting the Hunter Valley and enjoying everything it has to offer in the eventing world on a weekly sometimes on a daily basis, is like a trip away almost each and every day. So here’s my top reasons…

Reason 1 - The Feels

As soon as you begin your to drive into the Hunter Valley you instantly get a feel of complete sense of relaxation, good vibes and tranquillity it’s as though all your worries and stresses of life have been left behind, as you continue driving around and discovering the endless attractions the valley has on offer you’ll soon find yourself enjoying the finer things in life. This is the sense and feel you can create with your wedding and have your guests experience just the same. This also offers endless photography opportunities at almost every vineyard, attraction, estate and resort depending on the style of photography and backdrop your seeking you’ll be sure to find the perfect countryside awaiting you and your wedding party. Not a local? Have a Hunter Valley wedding and your guests will stay the complete weekend making your wedding feel more like a three day event not just one. Plan the complete weekend make the most of everything the Valley has to offer.

Reason 2 - You're spoilt for choice

The choices are endless. I work directly with at least 20-30 Wedding and event venues across the Hunter Valley and each and every one is completely unique in their own way. I can assure you whether you have 10 guests 100 or 1000 there are venues of every scale, every size, every style and every budget to accommodate your needs, wishes and Vision. There are multiple extremely prestigious venues and many simple but stunning and affordable venues. Offering a broad range of culinary options and service styles when It comes to food Hunter Valley has you covered, whether you want canape service, alternative drop service, shared plates, 5 star decadents or a simple Buffet you’ll find you have endless choices. There are also several chapel’s throughout the vineyards so again your spoilt with choice for your ceremony or choose one of the hundreds of garden, grounds, vineyards or orchards for outdoor ceremony. But almost most importantly is accommodation, again your spoilt with choice, depending on your nightly budget but you find even your most budget conscious guests will easily afford accommodation in the valley. With multiple major venues offering 50 plus rooms you’re sure to find accommodation to suit all your guests in one location.

Reason 3 - The Wine

Oh the wine. The biggest tourism draw card are our internationally award winning and famous wines distributed on a huge commercial scale for many of our wineries, then there are many family owned boutique wineries that welcome guests with open arms for wine tastings sales, tours etc... The beauty of a hunter valley wedding is you can at most wineries host your wedding in their venue or hire in a marquee and obviously serve their wine range or host your wedding at a BYO venue that will allow you to bring in your own wine from any of our wineries. Regardless of your taste in wine whether sweet, dry, red, aged, sparkling etc... you’ll be sure to find the perfect drop in our vineyards to suit the palate of you and your guests. So if wine is the most important factor of your wedding then the Hunter Valley is the destination wedding location for you.

Reason 4 - Suppliers

Working with over 120 local suppliers from every aspect of your wedding we can assure you that there is no need to spend a fortune in travel costs by employing Sydney based suppliers, there are hundreds of quality and highly recommended and even award winning suppliers. From DJ’s to photography, stationary to entertainment, florals to transport and any and every other aspect of your wedding. Our suppliers are either nestled directly in Hunter valley or based a short drive away in Newcastle the great news is that the hunter region is flooded with amazing suppliers to pull together your dream wedding regardless of your vision, style, budget, personality, needs and numbers, plus each and every one of our suppliers offers our clients exclusive industry discounts not available to the public saving you dollars. Most good quality local vendors also know all the Hunter Valley venues well, they know the best ways to layout your wedding perfectly, the best areas and locations for the perfect photography and the best shots. Don’t waste hours and hours researching out of area suppliers allow us to bring you the best locals to suit you and your wedding.

Reason 5 - The attractions

With so many daily, monthly and annual attractions like food and wine festivals, stomp festival, cheese festival, Lovedale long lunch, air shows, wine tours, markets, the wineries, the vineyards, day spas, luxury outings, wine tours, helicopter rides, hot air balloon rides, horse and cart trips, and many more attractions there is no reason you can’t plan your wedding around one of these major public event attractions or create a private day out and plan for your guests. Make the most of what’s available book a tour, add a unique dimension to your wedding and arrive in a helicopter or a horse and cart. With so many resorts offering so many luxury and also affordable tours and trips you’ll find yourself struggling to decide on what suits you and your guests best.

In Conclusion...

Hoping these 5 reasons entice you to consider the majestic and beautifully stunning Hunter Valley for your destination wedding, have no idea where to start drop us a line and we can handle absolutely everything and give you a Hunter Valley tour of the top most suitable venues for you and your wedding. Along with significantly reducing the amount of time you need to travel in the lead up to your wedding.