Everlasting Love

by Louise Manning

8th December 2018

Before popping the question or walking down the isle I bet the thought had crossed your mind is he really my Mr Right? or is she really my Mrs right? Maybe you have all the right feelings and there’s no question you have the Man or woman of your dreams and that’s awesome. But others may question their feelings and decisions so here’s my story.

Last week after being admitted into hospital for a few days I had the pleasure of sharing a room with a very dear old sweet man named Trevor and every morning he would call his wife and have the ever most sweetest conversation with his lovely wife. His concerns for her and what’s going on at home whilst he’s not around well exceeded his concerns for him self and his recovery. He would comfort her and guide her around the household jobs she was handling for him. Like watering the fruit trees, turning a pump on and off. She would continue each conversation with comments like how are you today have you eaten, have you walked today. (He’s recovering from a knee operation)

The back and fourth conversation was honestly one of the most loveliest and heartwarming conversations I’ve ever heard. He always ended each conversation with you take care my love, and make sure you rest, I love you and she would reply in similar context, to the point of bringing a little tear to my eye. They have been married for 65 years what an amazing journey and life they must have had and continue to have whilst they enjoy growing old together. Thank you Trevor for sharing your story with me.

Well this got me thinking and here’s my opinion, ask your self can you envision your self growing old with your fiancé? If you can can that's all I think you you need. Yes love, trust, loyalty, companionship, happiness etc... all pay a major part in getting to a ripe old marriage but 65 years is a true testament. I honestly believe if you look ahead 40-60 years and know you’ll still love your spouse more then you do now then your marriage is destined for great future. Yes all marriages understandably have ups and downs but getting through them together makes your marriage and bond so much stronger. Marry the special one you know you’re looking forward to growing old with. Wishing you all life long marriages and everlasting love with your Mr or Mrs Right.