Events & Seasons

by Louise Manning

24th November 2018

When booking and planning any type of function or event the seasonal weather should most definitely be considered. For example thinking a barn wedding steer very clear from summer it will most likely be far too hot and your guests won’t enjoy them selves or the event and there’s simply no real effective way to cool a barn, alternatively winter weddings should also be considered with caution again to control the cold, while you can bring in heaters and it might make a significant difference you need to cautious of elderly and there ability to handle the cold. For a barn style event I’d strongly recommend a spring or autumn wedding. If your thinking a summer or winter event choose your venue carefully. Either fully heated or air conditioned for the comfort of you and your guests. Also think about the photos you’d like to capture, you can take amazing photos year round but winter you’ll see less green, spring you’ll see lots of new fresh greens summer full green foliage and autumn months you’ll see an array of different shades in leaf colour as the leaves start dropping off. Also bear in mind what time and what day light there is available all year round, don’t forget daylight savings too. As you know the sun sets significantly earlier in the winter months and having a late wedding ceremony for example will leave little time to capture the amazing photos you want, so time management and careful planning here are critically important. There any many aspects to consider when choosing the most suitable venue and creating the perfect day schedule and with thoughtful planning and strategically selecting the most suitable venues you can be blessed with the most perfect event any time of the year.