The Kiss!

by Louise Manning

17th November 2018

When thinking about The Kiss as you become newlyweds and to seal your marriage there’s a few things you need to consider. Firstly your guests want to see a real Kiss with a lot of passion and love don’t result to a quick peck on the lips or cheeks this simply won’t cut it. If your embarrassed or nervous simply imagine that no one else is around and your about to make love to the man or woman of your dreams standing in front of you, be passionate and gently and delicately place your hand behind his or her head bring them towards you and go for it, get the tongue action happening make it romantic. Secondly your Kiss must be long enough for photography and videography to capture it. A quick peck will result in the golden shot being missed. It should last at least 20-30 seconds. Also consider swapping your head positions mid Kiss this will allow your photographer to capture both faces. If your worried about your lipstick consider using smudge less lippy or simply reapply or touch up after your ceremony your maid of honour can also fix it up directly after your Kiss so don’t let your makeup be the reason you opt for a quick meaningless Kiss, there a many ways around this. But lastly and most importantly discuss this with your fiancee come up with a Kiss plan your both happy and comfortable with practice lots. On the day express your intense love for one another through the most important Kiss of your life don’t rush it if you want a minute long Kiss go for it this will also get your guests going crazy with excitement you’ll hear shouts like “get a room” as the clapping begins. It’s a opportunity you will simply never ever have again so do it right make it perfect and you be delighted with the end photography and videography results.