Budget, Budget, Budget!

Louise Manning 

9th September 2018

Everyone has a Wedding or event budget whether it’s $1,000 for a small private function $10,000 for acorporate event or small wedding or an extravagant corporate affair or wedding at $100,000 it’s imperative you stick to it. Why because there’s no award for the best wedding or event even in corporate world!

Did you know the 2018 Australian average wedding spend is $55,000. Wow! For a lot of couples that’s simply not affordable, but maybe you have financial help of parents or family but even still, there’s no need for you or family to be left with thousands and thousands of credit card debts well beyond your event date.

There are hundreds of ways you can selectively choose the right vendors and suppliers to bring your event or wedding together within your set budget. I'm hugely passionate about ensuring we do everything possible to work within budgets and negotiate and recommend the right venues and suppliers to bring it together. For example selecting the more affordable season for your wedding, changing your corporate event to a week day, keep an eye out for venue & suppliers specials or promotions, just to name a few. You’ll be surprised what you can save and what an expert that lives and breathes weddings and events can outsource, let us know if this was helpful. Sign up to our newsletter below for the latest information and news.