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29 Days until Spring… What flowers are you excited to see in this season of weddings?

Spring is obviously the most fabulous season of them all – the bees are buzzing; the weather is warming, and the smell of manicured grass is in the air; a product of competitive neighbourhood lawn care.

Nonetheless, it is too the season for the most beautiful blooms! Throughout the cold winter months flowers are conserving their energy, preparing for the exact right moment to begin blooming, burgeoning the shrub which they’ve nestled comfortably in for so long. Confident colours, bright yellow, pink and blue charge gardens with a new lease of life, and as a result we see the most fantastic wedding bouquets of the season!

SO. Here are our Spring 23’ predictions for this wedding seasons bouquets!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Tim Pascoe Photography Find him on Instagram @timpascoe

En Masse Flowers & En Massive Savings

We saw it creeping into the earlier months of this year but are hoping to see a lot more of bouquets ‘En Masse’ – which is where each bridesmaid has a bunch of specific flowers – one has a bunch of daisies, one has a bunch of roses, one a bunch of dahlias etc etc AND THEN the bride has a bouquet of all the bridesmaid bunches combined!

We love this idea and think it can be so unique for each bridesmaid… ps. Our wedding planners have told us that this is also a much cheaper way to do wedding bouquets! What a bonus to this beautiful idea!

The Extra-large Bouquet?

This could be interesting? Scale is always something to think about in art and if you’re after an absolute Picasso of a wedding (like we are) then, this is something to consider. We’ve seen it in photoshoots, but has any bride ever let the florals take centre stage? It’d take a real humble gal to do so, but we think there’s one out there… Imaging a huge bunch of cascading orchids, flowing with each step the bride takes down the aisle! Can someone please use this idea because we’d DIE to see it?

Images Courtesy of Pinterest

Images Courtesy of Pinterest

Make It Different, Make It Unusual, But Keep It Simple…

These blooms are to dieeee for. There’s not much to say other than keep it simple but classy – experiment but not too much. Reign it in but be expressive. You must be a walking paradox basically…


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again… You can’t go wrong when adding a pop of colour to your big day… The proof is in tha puddin’ (meaning refer to the images we’ve sourced)…

Images Courtesy of Pinterest

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

And Last But Not Least… The OG Peony Bouquet

For the old school romantics this one’s for you – consider a bunch of peonies or two?

These pretty little blooms come in over 6,500 varieties and are the perfect touch of romance and ethereal vibes. Not only do they smell incredible, peonies are also little troopers and can last a while if you pop them into a vase after your wedding – which is a nice keepsake for your post-wedding week!

Further, peonies are a symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage – so if you want to secure your marriage with a bit of witchcraft, peonies are the way to go. Here’s our pick of trending peony bouquets for this spring!

With those predictions out of the way we can now get back to yearning for that warmer weather, and begin to look for the noble winner of the nicest lawn on the block… Can’t wait to see your spin on the Spring 23’ bouquets!

It could be one of the most important gifts you give in your lifetime! Other than pledging an oath that binds you to your significant other for life of course… But the perfect pre-marriage gift can decipher how well you know the person you are about to marry SO let’s get it right! (not too much pressure hey…) Now, we’re not saying that if you get a gift and it’s not what you expected, that you gotta run 🏃🏾‍♀️ or that you’re even interested in giving gifts at all, we’re merely here to guide those, as industry professionals, on the wedding gifts that we think make ‘wedding morning gift giving’ sentimental and worthwhile.

So where to start! It’s usually the case of ‘they have everything’ when it comes to getting your significant other a present say for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. But on your wedding day it’s different. It needs to be sentimental, thoughtful, a symbol of your love and companionship and how well you know one another.

Here’s a list of presents for your significant other, that we think will do the job!

Let’s bring it back to basics:

“In a world filled with material possessions, a heartfelt letter expresses your deepest emotions”,  says the wise ChatGpt, and we agree!

Strip it back we say! Weddings are expensive, why bother spending any more money on a wedding gift for your significant other, when you can gift a personalised, heartfelt note which will probably, most definitely hold more sentimental value than something materialistic. You could even print off a couple of early dating photos and scrap book them in to take a trip down memory lane!

See Below for some inspiration for your personalised love letter (All Sourced from Pinterest & Etsy):

Click here to find the pictured personalised love letters 

Alternatively, you can get on trusty Canva and make your own card! This will save the $$$.

Now, whenever you hear jewellery, you instantly think expensive BUT you’d be surprised at how cost effective this can be! Small silver bracelets with an engraving of your initials or wedding date (like pictured below) can be reasonable priced. Most jewellers in the Hunter/Newcastle region will also sell pendants ranging from hearts and plain discs to religious iconography which are all ideal for engraving on. Local engravers usually have machines to do any type of engraving as long as the item of jewellery is big enough, or they may offer to do it by hand. This gift is super personalised and can be surprisingly cheap.

See Below for some inspiration for engraved jewellery (All Sourced from Etsy):

Click here to find the pictured engraved jewellery

This is pretty straight forward so here are just some cute examples from Etsy! 

Click here to find the pictured engraved cuff links

This one can be a little bit more expensive, but it doesn’t lack on sentimental value, or timelessness 😉  Get the back engraved with your anniversary date or initials! The act of gifting a watch on your wedding day has a long-standing tradition in many cultures. It is seen as a gesture of love, respect, and a symbol of a new chapter in life. Further, a watch is not only a beautiful accessory but also a practical and functional item. Your husband can wear it every day, and it will serve as a constant reminder of your special day and the love you share!

See Below for some inspiration for personalised watches (All Sourced from Etsy):

Click here to find the pictured personalised watches


Remember, the significance of a gift ultimately lies in the thought, love, and intention behind it. A gift on a wedding day to your partner is indeed special, but it is important to recognise that it is not the be-all and end-all of the occasion. is just one element of the overall celebration. HOWEVER, we loved finding these cute little gifts and of course, if you need us to plan your partners wedding gift (on top of your wedding) we’d be MORE than happy to 😉

Tips for Stress-Free Honeymoon Travel

Love is in the flights! As you prepare to take off on your dream honeymoon, we’ve got some tips and practical advice to help you travel in style, experience stress-free flights and airport navigation plus the most dreamy honeymoon. From finding the best flight deals to packing the appropriate essentials, we’ve got you covered from takeoff to landing!

How to find the best deal on your flights: When it comes to booking your flights, aiming for the best flight deals is always a bonus right?! Of course, this means you have more money to spend on your honeymoon experience. Below are some tips to find affordable flights that won’t break the bank:

What to pack for cloud nine comfort: To ensure a seamless and stress-free honeymoon in the air, packing efficiently and thoughtfully is essential. Here are some essentials that deserve a spot in your honeymoon suitcase:

Navigating airports, flights and customs with ease: Airports can be a bustling hive of activity, but with these flight-focused tips, you’ll navigate the airport seamlessly:

How to make your flights as comfortable as possible:

Your honeymoon really begins once you are officially married and whilst we tend to stick to planning weddings not honeymoons, we are always open to giving you our best advice, ideas and guidance when it comes to destinations and timing. We can’t wait to see where this journey takes you and if you want our expert advice then don’t forget to connect with us anytime!

Love your Go-To Wedding Planners xx

Wedding fashion has come a long way, and traditional norms are being challenged in favour of more individualistic and creative choices. One of the latest trends in bridal fashion is the concept of mismatched bridal dresses. Departing from the traditional one-colour, uniformed look, mismatched bridal dresses allow brides to express their unique style, add a touch of modernity, and keep their guests guessing. In this blog post, we will explore the current trends, provide tips for pulling off this trend flawlessly, and recommend where to find stunning mismatched bridal dresses. One brand that stands out in this realm is Shona Joy, known for its contemporary designs and endless possibilities.

bridesmaid dresses

1. Embrace the Trend:

Current Mismatched Bridal Dress Styles: Mismatched bridal dresses offer endless possibilities, allowing you to mix and match different colours, fabrics, lengths, and silhouettes. Here are some current trends to consider:

a) Shades of the Same Colour: Choose a colour palette and allow your bridesmaids to select dresses in different shades of the same colour. This creates a cohesive look while giving each bridesmaid the opportunity to shine.

b) Mix and Match Colours: Embrace a bold and vibrant look by allowing your bridesmaids to wear dresses in different colours. This adds a pop of personality to your wedding party and creates a visually striking effect.

c) Different Styles, Same Colour: Opt for a cohesive colour scheme and let each bridesmaid select a dress style that suits her body shape and personal taste. This ensures that everyone feels comfortable and confident.

d) Unique Prints and Patterns: Consider incorporating prints and patterns into your mismatched bridal dresses. Florals, geometric designs, or subtle patterns can add a touch of whimsy and individuality to the overall look.

2. Tips for Pulling Off Mismatched Bridal Dresses:

While mismatched bridal dresses offer creative freedom, it’s essential to strike a balance to achieve a cohesive and stylish look. Here are some tips to help you pull off this trend flawlessly:

a) Set Clear Guidelines: Provide your bridesmaids with guidelines to ensure the dresses complement each other. Specify the colour palette, length, fabric, or any specific details that will tie the looks together.

b) Consider Your Wedding Theme: Mismatched dresses work well with various wedding themes, but it’s crucial to ensure they align with your overall vision. Choose dresses that complement your venue, decor, and other elements of your wedding.

c) Coordinate with Accessories: To create a harmonious look, consider coordinating accessories such as shoes, jewellery, or even bouquets. This will help tie the diverse dresses together and create a unified aesthetic.

d) Opt for Consistent Details: If you’re concerned about cohesiveness, choose dresses with consistent details like similar necklines, sleeve lengths, or waist embellishments. These subtle similarities will create a unified feel.

3. Where to Buy Mismatched Bridal Dresses:

When it comes to finding stylish and diverse options for mismatched bridal dresses, if you’re local to the Hunter Region Shazzam Bridal and Formal in Toronto have some wonderful options for different shapes and sizes. Shona Joy is also a brand worth exploring. Shona Joy offers a range of contemporary and fashion-forward designs, making it an excellent choice for brides looking to embrace this trend. Their collections feature a wide selection of colours, fabrics, and silhouettes, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s desire. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality make them a reliable option for modern brides seeking expression and style on their wedding day.


Mismatched bridal dresses are a fresh and exciting trend that adds a modern touch to your wedding day. By embracing this trend, you can express your unique style while keeping your guests on their toes. With endless possibilities and creative freedom, the trend allows you to create a visually striking and cohesive look. Remember to set guidelines, coordinate with accessories, and choose a reliable brand like Shona Joy to find the perfect mismatched bridal dresses for your special day. Embrace this trend and let your personality shine through the kaleidoscope of colours and styles!

Need more help deciding or defusing tension between your bridesmaids?! Our experienced wedding planners are always ready with the perfect advice and tricks to get things back on track, contact us today!

Love Your Go-To Wedding Planners xx

Disagreements in wedding planning are as inevitable as they are in marriage itself. Being engaged is a great time to learn how to navigate your differences without killing each other. You don’t need to agree on everything to be an amazing team. It’s all about compromise and remembering that marriage is a team sport; you either win together or you lose together.

I know that it’s a stressful time; emotions are running high, and so are the to-do lists but try to remember that your wedding day is all about celebrating love, not necessarily about hosting a flawless event.

Supercharged topics can include budget, guest list size, what traditions you’d rather leave in the past and who is doing the lion’s share of the planning.

Some strategies you might find helpful when you realise you aren’t on the same page:

Consider the big picture as it affects each decision

Some decisions will be made inadvertently as a result of other decisions, so you may need to step back and slow down when considering some of the early big decisions. For example, the guest list should be created early because it shapes decisions about venues and costs. If one of you wants a tropical beach wedding and the other wants a local winery wedding – you should discuss these options in light of other issues, such as if you want your frail grandparents to be at the wedding. Seeing the larger picture may help you resolve some differences.

Ask yourselves who cares more about the issue

You may decide to adjust your preference and let this particular thing go if your partner has strong feelings about the issue. You don’t need to win them all! For example, you may prefer a small, intimate wedding but your partner has always loved their family tradition of a large wedding where all the aunties, uncles, cousins and their partners attend. Try setting a guest list number that gives more to the person who cares the most.

Avoid discussing difficult topics when you are tired, stressed or hungry

Sometimes it is more than the issue at hand that creates the tension.  It may be how you feel physically – tired, stressed, or hungry. For example, if you’ve just had a heated discussion with your mum or had a hard day at work, you may be best to postpone any wedding discussions with your partner until you’ve had a chance to recalibrate.

Periodically assess your wedding-planning stress and assigned tasks

There is often a long lead time until your wedding, and your job workload may change during this time affecting your ability to complete wedding tasks. For example, If your partner has not followed through on a task they were responsible for, or if you feel better equipped for a particular task, politely offer to help or take over. The key is to agree together on a shift of responsibility and not to be resentful about it.

Teach and learn from one another rather than assuming the other person ‘gets it’

Sometimes one of you will not see a problem that is quite clear to the other. You’ll need to both educate each other about your families and their traditions. For example, the partner from an Irish background needs to explain to his partner what his culture’s wedding traditions are, such as the expectation that the bar won’t close before midnight.

Consider whether deeper issues are underlying your conflict

If you are doing your best to deal with your differences and yet remain polarised, look for deeper issues. For example, the issue is not about the size of the wedding but about the feeling of envy because one of you has a bigger circle of friends.

Avoid behaviours that accelerate the conflict

Instead, show empathy. Perhaps the most important communication skill you need is the ability and willingness to understand how the other person feels.  You do not have to agree but recognising how they feel is important. It allows your partner to feel like they are heard and their opinion is appreciated.

The best advice I would give any couple planning a wedding is to do a Marriage Education Course such as the globally recognised Prepare Enrich Program.

Smart couples focus not just on their wedding day but on their marriage ahead because even the best relationships take work. Over the years, you will no doubt plan for your future by investing in other areas of your life and your relationship should be no different.

If your relationship is already strong, you can expect the course to increase your bond. If your relationship has some communication issues that need addressing, now is the perfect time!

Julie Muir – Marriage Celebrant Extraordinaire

At Hunter Events Group, we first encountered Julie through our shared commitment to creating highly engaging and memorable weddings. We knew we were on the same page when we discovered that she is just as passionate about what happens to her couples after the wedding, as on the wedding day itself. We love her dedication to her couples.

Julie runs reasonably priced Prepare Enrich Marriage Courses that help build healthy relationships and strong marriages, and we are totally here for this idea! She is single-handedly revolutionising this idea so that it doesn’t feel corny in any way. If anyone can make it fun, she can! And you only need to take a look at the testimonials featured on Julie’s website to confirm that she really is a cut above the rest.

While you’re there, take a look at her Blog too. Julie is an engaging writer and her articles are full of great advice for those about to wed. If you’re more social media oriented, you can also find Julie on FacebookInstagramYouTubeLinkedIn and Pinterest.

Of course, you can always contact Julie the old fashioned way, by mobile on 0413 267 238 or by email at

There’s nothing cuter than watching your three-year old niece clumsily spread petals down the aisle or catching cute moments of the toddlers jamming out at your afterparty. Inviting children to your wedding offers lots of opportunities for adorable pictures and special moments with the little ones in your lives.

But let’s be honest, weddings can be long – especially for kids with short attention spans and inviting children to your wedding can become exhausting. On your special day, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping the little ones occupied while you share the special moments with your significant other. You invited your adult guests to your wedding because you appreciate their presence in your life and want to celebrate your special day. Keeping the kids entertained will allow your adult guests to fully enjoy their night without having to tent to the needs of their kids all evening.

Having children in your wedding can be so special, but it’s important to be prepared for the day to go as smoothly as possible!

Planning Ahead

When it comes to inviting children to your wedding, organising entertainment for the reception eases the transition for over-excited, enthusiastic kids with energy to burn!

If you have decided to organise entertainment yourself, you should plan a variety of activities that cater to a range of ages, guaranteed to occupy the group throughout the night. While parents may bring their own activities, preparing ahead ensures you can enjoy the night with the adults whilst the younger crowd are distracted and entertained.

What can you include?

Plan a range of kid-friendly reception games ahead of time. If you have access to an outdoor or large area, think about incorporating outdoor energy-burning games!

Prepare activity packs to hand out. You can include colouring pages, activity sheets, stickers and a set of pencils to keep the kids distracted and quiet during the speeches.

Youngsters have a never-ending store of energy, so use their bounce to your advantage and boogie on the dance floor! Encourage the kids to join you in the ‘YMCA’, ‘Nut Bush’ and chicken dance. You can even plan popular dancing games ahead of time, such as dance freeze and limbo. Who knows, the older guests might even join in the fun!

While you may want to take on everything yourself, we all know that planning a wedding is exhausting, so why add another job to your list? Kid’s entertainment packages are a huge hit at weddings and ensure you can relax and enjoy your special day, knowing all your guests will enjoy the celebrations.

 Why book a kid’s entertainment team?

The Dream & Believe Entertainment team are comprised of experienced, skilled performers ready to ensure your guests enjoy every moment. We take care of the planning and the preparation, taking the stress out of inviting children to your wedding. At Dream & Believe Entertainment, we work toward exceeding expectations so the entertainment will be suited to your age range, group size and the children’s interests. Let our team enchant and occupy the little ones so your adults are free to enjoy the party!

Our Happily Ever After Reception package is completely customizable, with a selection of themed crafts, makeovers, balloon twisting, kid’s karaoke, hair designs, various games, confectionery crafts, colouring packs, movie projector set-ups, and of course, our nap tent for when the little ones get sleepy!

Tips and Tricks

  1. While face painting is always a hit with the kids, be cautious of hiring a face painter for your wedding. White dresses and formal attire tend not to mix well with colourful faces and potential paint on hands, so tread carefully! Balloon twisting and royal makeovers in our wedding package make great alternatives for enjoyable entertainment without the stress of a mess!
  2. Plan your time effectively – Remember that the sugar will eventually wear off, and you will want to plan a relaxing activity to ease the energy. At Dream & Believe Entertainment, we offer movie set-ups with our portable projector, a nap tent for the little ones and calming crafts to allow the kids to slow down without interrupting the midnight festivities for the older guests!
  3. Adults will often want to be part of the fun and they too can partake in the entertainment! Most packages will allow, if not encourage, adults to join in on games and dancing. Ask your entertainment team if activities and crafts extend to adults, most partygoers appreciate a decorative flower hat or a sword to battle the kids!

At Dream and Believe Entertainment, we ensure every guest looks back upon your special day with magical memories. We prove that with a sprinkle of fairy dust, a wish upon a star and a call to us, dreams really do come true! We look forward to creating your magical moment

Monique O’Brien |
Dream & Believe Entertainment

Dream & Believe Entertainment is a children’s entertainment company dedicated to providing quality characters for a range of events. With our extensive range of party packages, including princesses, mermaids, fairies, superheroes, pampering, face painting, balloon twisting, sparkles and more, we know that we can find the perfect package for you! We believe in the importance of dreaming big, believing in the impossible and spreading magic throughout the world. At Dream and Believe Entertainment, we prove that with a sprinkle of fairy dust, a wish upon a star and a call to us, dreams really do come true! 

Guest Blog

By Jane Goldfinch

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to sorting through your investment for your wedding flowers. It’s important to know, as a couple, how important fresh flowers are for your wedding day – you may feel flowers aren’t a central focus for your day or you may feel your flowers are ‘the thing’ that will bring your unique day to life. Also, give some consideration to your venue: does it need the additional decor florals provide or is it a beautiful venue in itself and you don’t need to go over the top?

As a good rule of thumb, we suggest your floral investment accounts for 10-15% of your overall wedding spend. If, on the other hand, you are looking for luxury and abundant designs, we would suggest allocating 20-25% of your total wedding allowance. Most of our couples spend between $6,000 -$7,500 but some spend less or allocate more based on their floral vision. Remember, it’s your day and the day should reflect your taste, personalty and style.

Below is by no means a complete list of all our design items. With everything related to seasonal blooms and designing there are so many variables. The following information is to give you some guidance as to what items can be accounted for within a price point.


Depending on the size of your bridal party this price point could allow for your personal flowers (bouquets and boutonnieres) as well as some table decorations at the reception. We suggest smaller arrangements on each table or a selection of bud vases and feature blooms. If table flowers are not what you’re after then this could allow for a feature arrangement at the ceremony or reception. If your party includes just the two of you then it could allow for your bouquet, groom boutonniere, a ceremony feature arrangement with the addition of tea lights for the reception tables. This is perfect for our eloping couples FROM $2,500


This price point would typically allow for personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, corsages) for the bridal party, feature arrangements at both the ceremony and reception as well as small table arrangements or bud vases and candles. With one arrangement at either the ceremony or reception this investment would cover our larger standard table arrangements. FROM $6,000


This price point gives you the option of our full-service wedding and usually includes all personal flowers – 1 x bridal bouquet, 4 x bridesmaid bouquets, 5 boutonnieres, 2 x Fathers boutonniere, 2 x Mothers pin lapel, 1 x flower crown, 2 x pew ends including fabric draping, 1 x welcome sign spray, medium arbour arrangement, 1 x ceremony arrangement, petal toss, 1 x cake spray, 1 x seating chart spray, as well as flowers and candles for 10 guest tables. Also includes on the day and pack down charges. This is our most popular choice for our couples.FROM $7,500


Our FULL SERVICE DESIGN PLUS A LITTLE MORE – this investment will afford you a floral filled wedding and our signature styling and may include examples of the following – 1 x bridal bouquet, 4 x bridesmaid bouquets, 5 boutonnieres, 2 x Fathers boutonniere, 2 x Mothers pin lapel, 1 x flower crown, 2 x pew ends including fabric draping, 1 x welcome sign ground statement arrangement, lush arbour arrangement, 2 x ground aisle arrangements, 1 x ceremony arrangement, petal toss, 1 x signing arrangement, 1 x bar arrangement, 1 x cake spray, 1 x seating chart spray, as well as flowers and candles for 10 guest tables. Also includes on the day and pack down charges.

FROM $9,500


Couture Botanical can provide you with a complete floral styling service for your wedding. We will work with you as a couple to design a unique and stunning floral filled event tailored to suit your personality and vision. From our initial styling session to adding the last little bloom we will cover all aspects of your floral styling. The ‘Complete Styling’ package suits those couples who after the ultimate flower filled ceremony and reception and are happy for us to take the reins. All we need is your colour palette. The package comes with a flat fee and includes our signature elegant floral designs and a comprehensive styling session with our couples. We will also co-ordinate with your venue and other wedding vendors to ensure a cohesive vision.

With this price point we can offer you a full collection of personal flowers, rose petals, welcome sign pieces, large statement arrangements for both the ceremony and reception plus aisle flowers. For the reception it allows for table arrangements including candles as well as chair arrangements, cake flowers and seating sign pieces. FROM $15,000

PLEASE NOTE: The price points above will include all blooms, foliage, vessels and trims to create your floral pieces.

It’s almost impossible to provide all the details on each and every investment because every couple’s wedding is unique. The above looks to provide some guidance on what items can be accounted for within a price frame.

Also, prices will vary quite a bit depending on the number of flowers used and how many premium blooms are to be included. Peonies, orchids etc. are more premium flowers and the overall price needs to account for this.

It’s also important to be aware labour charges can vary dramatically as well – each venue has it’s own rules on when we can set up and when we need to pack down. All of this has an impact on costs for the day. Labour charges also change depending on the time of day we need to set-up / pack down as well as the day of the week (Saturdays and Sunday incur premium labour charges and early morning set-ups and late night pack-downs also incur premium labour charges).

Finally, remember every florist prices their services and creativity differently and it might be that florists in your area charge more or less than we do. Our overall aim is to provide you with the best quality blooms, excellent customer service and provide honest opinions as to where the best use of your investment will be.

Until Next Time

Jane – Couture Botanical xx

Guest Blog

By Alex Morrison

Congratulations! You’re getting married and you couldn’t be happier. It’s the day you’ve been waiting for practically all your life. You simply can’t wait to start planning your wedding with your significant other. Before you go overboard though, there’s one important factor not to overlook – your budget.  

A large part of any wedding involves budgeting. In fact, it will affect every decision you make from the venue you choose all the way down to the vendors you work with. It’s all too easy for costs to spiral out of control if you don’t keep a close eye on your spending. The good news is you can avoid some of the most common budgeting pitfalls with our help. 

Here we’ll look at common mistakes that many couples make with their wedding budgetwedding budget. 

Not Doing Your Research 

There’s nothing wrong with creating estimates. It gives you a better idea of what to expect and how much to allocate. But creating estimates without doing proper research can lead you to greatly underestimate the actual costs involved. Instead, contact multiple venues and vendors to come up with more accurate quotes. 

Not Tracking Expenses 

It’s important to establish a clear system for tracking your expenses even if it’s jotting them down in a notebook or an Excel spreadsheet. There are also a number of mobile apps you can download that allow you to instantly track wedding costs. That way you have a much clearer picture of exactly how much you’re spending on the wedding.  

Choosing the First Vendor 

Weddings are a huge source of revenue for many vendors. Some may try to get you to sign an agreement the same day to lock you into a contract. Never commit to the first vendor you get in touch with even if you think you’re getting a good deal. If a vendor is rather aggressive in getting you to sign a contract, it’s best to move on. 

Not Accounting for Miscellaneous Expenses 

Even once you finalise prices with your vendors, there will likely be other costs involved. Some examples might include cleaning fees or additional prints. An additional $10 here and there may not seem like much. But these expenses can really add up. Set aside at least 5% of your budget for miscellaneous expenses to allow some breathing room. Investing in a high interest online savings account can help you reach your savings budget sooner and allow you a little more legroom to pay for any added or extra expenses. 

Not Prioritising 

Prioritising items on a budget is incredibly important. That way you can allocate more funds for the things that matter most to you instead of having to make sacrifices at a later stage. Sit down with your partner and make a list of the top priorities. Then you’ll be in a better position to make key decisions when it comes to deciding on which vendors you can splurge on and which ones you can potentially cut out. 

Not Controlling the Guest List 

In a perfect world, all your friends, family, and acquaintances would attend your wedding. Unfortunately, the number of guests that attend will have a significant impact on your budget. Make sure to finalise your guest list as early as possible. Don’t be afraid to limit plus one invites either as extending that option to everyone may not be financially feasible. 

Making Impulse Decisions 

It happens to all of us – you see something that you just have to have. No exceptions. So you end up buying it right there without hesitation. No matter how seemingly minor an expense is, take a moment to consider whether it’s a meaningful purchase and if it’s something you actually need. Bring in your partner to discuss the purchase before you make a final decision. 

Sticking to a budget can be hard. You probably want to spare no expenses but the last thing you want is to start off the marriage in deep financial debt. Watching out for common pitfalls as described here can help keep you within your budget and still have a blast on your big day. 

Author’s Bio  

Alex Morrison has worked with a range of businesses giving him an in depth understanding of many different industries including carpet cleaning, financial support and health care. As the owner of Integral Media, he is now utilising his knowledge and experience with his rapidly increasing client portfolio to help them achieve their business goals.