Setting Your Floral Budget

Guest Blog

By Jane Goldfinch

One of the hardest things to gauge with wedding planning is how much of your budget you should set aside for different aspects of the big day. So let’s discuss a few things about budgeting for your wedding day florals.

Setting a budget for your florals from the beginning of wedding planning is helpful so that you can manage your budget around this variable expense. Florals are a variable expense because the day can go on without them (although it would be pretty sad!) and because you can scale this budget to a different size without ruining the quality.

That being said, the reason your floral budget is something you should figure out at the start of wedding planning is because they play a role in almost every moment of your wedding day journey, and if you know you want lots of florals, you need to take this into account when planning your wedding style and all the decor. It’s not an expense that can get tacked on at the end.

I find that $4,000 typically covers an average-sized bridal party, simple reception centrepieces, and a few other pieces of decor like a sign-in table arrangement, ceremony arrangement, cake flowers, or welcome sign flowers. Adding on installations such as a ceremony arch, aisle flowers, backdrop for pictures, mantlepiece arrangement, etc will make the price jump because these items are typically large in size and need to be designed on-site.

These are good things to take into consideration as you’re planning your budget because you can make adjustments as needed simply by changing up your plan for the decor.

Imagine standing next to your partner on your wedding day preparing to declare that you’ll spend the rest of your lives together. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Well, imagine doing that surrounded by stunning and lush blooms.

The impact an installation has on the presentation of an event is absolutely worth the cost, as it makes a statement in all the photos, welcomes your guests, and is more likely to be remembered and treasured as a part of your big day than the boutonnieres.

Looking for an easy way to save on your floral budget, rather than cutting things out? We suggest mixing and matching your centrepieces. You can design half of your tables with full or tall floral arrangements and do something simpler (and more budget-friendly!) for the other spaces.

A cluster of candles with greenery around the base, or 3-5 bud vases with single stem flowers, will be much more cost-effective and still take up space and make an impact. I also love mixing two different types of centrepieces because it adds depth to the decor and intrigue for your guests.

If you love greenery running down banquet tables or serving tables but don’t have the budget for full garlands, consider using loose greens instead. Loose greens require a minimal number of stems, much less labour, and will give you a light and airy look that still covers the tables! We’ve got plenty of ideas on the subject and would be happy to discuss your vision!

Another way you can save money on your floral budget is to repurpose some of the wedding day florals – but this should be done carefully, as often the florals don’t work as well beyond their intended design. For example, you can turn your bridesmaid bouquets into centrepieces at the reception after wedding ceremony photos are completed. This only works if the bouquets are a bit larger and the centrepiece vases are chosen intentionally.

You can also repurpose archways and urn arrangements after the ceremony by moving them to surround the wedding cake, head table, or using the florals to make an additional backdrop at the reception! Once again choosing the right styling and vessel is key.

Lastly, remember every florist prices their creativity differently and it comes down to one of the most important pieces of advice I offer to couples searching for their wedding florist – choose someone you feel comfortable with. Choose the one whose work you love and makes you CATCH your breath. NOT just whoever is the cheapest. Place your trust in their creativity and the magic will happen.

Have any more questions about floral budgets? Reach out to us to discuss your wedding plans and floral budget and see what sort of magic we can create for you!

P.S. Keep your floral styling true to yourself, your personality, and your love story. It will make all the difference!

Jane Goldfinch
Principal Stylist – Couture Botanical